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ork Compressor Parts Carrier Central Air Conditioning Parts
– Piston Machine Parts – Original Parts
– Centrifuge Parts – Carrier Fan Coil
– Screw Machine Parts – Compressor
– York YS Screw Unit Parts – Refrigerator
– York YK Centrifugal Unit Parts – Water Pump
– York YT Centrifuge Parts – Oil Pump
– York YR Parts – 30HXC Screw Machine Accessories
– York YEWS Parts – 19XL Centrifuge
– York AWHC Parts – 19XR Centrifuge Parts
– York YEAJ Parts – 30XA Air-Cooled Screw Machine Parts
– York YCWS Parts – 30XW Screw Machine Parts
– York YCAB Parts – 19DK Centrifugal Parts
– York FRICK Industrial Machine Accessories – 30HT Piston Machine Parts
– York YHAC Accessories – 30GT Air-Cooled Piston Machine Parts
– York YMAC Accessories – 30HR Piston Machine Parts
– York YBW Accessories – 30HK Piston Machine Parts
– York YCAE Accessories – 30RA Vortex Air Cooler Parts
– York YWHA Accessories – 30RH Vortex Heat Pump Machine Parts
– York YDOH Accessories – 50B Water-Cooled Cabinet Machine Parts
– York YGCC Accessories – Fan Coil Motor
– York YGFC Accessories – 40HP Compressor Parts
– York YCWE Accessories – 30HP Compressor Parts
– York YSAC Accessories – 25HP Compressor Parts
– York YEAS Accessories – 20HP Compressor Parts
– York YBWC Accessories – 15HP Compressor Parts
– York YLAA Accessories – DBFP 39G CBF CBFI Wind Cabinet Parts
– Pipeline Accessories and Consumables – Compressor Coil

Company Guarantees:

  1. The products undergo strict inspection when they leave the factory to ensure a 100% product qualification rate.
  2. After installation, debugging, and acceptance testing, if the product itself has quality problems, the company provides free maintenance within the warranty period. Paid services are available beyond the warranty period within a reasonable scope.
  3. Paid service is available under the following circumstances:
    • Out of warranty
    • Proof of purchase cannot be provided
    • Failure to use or repair as specified in the product manual (especially water ingress, breakage, and human damage)
    • Unauthorized repair or disassembly by the customer or a non-designated maintenance person
    • Damage caused by using informal, poor-quality communication cables
    • Product failure or damage caused by irresistible disasters such as floods, fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, etc.
    • Other failures or damage caused by the product itself.
  4. For product-related questions or quality issues, technicians will respond within 24 hours during the warranty period. On-site processing is guaranteed within 48 hours during the warranty period.


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