Carrier Pro Dialog Plus display panel

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Carrier Pro Dialog Plus display panel

32GB500092EE is the OEM part code,

The Carrier Pro-Dialog Plus display panel is a part of Carrier air conditioners, chillers, and refrigeration units. The panel gives access to all Pro-Dialog Plus data and operating functions. It has a two-digit display for the selected item number and a four-digit display for the contents of the selected item. The panel also has LEDs and buttons for starting and stopping the unit, selecting menus, and adjusting values.

The Carrier Pro-Dialog Plus control system controls compressor start-up and demand. The manufacturer reserves the right to change any product specifications without notice.

The Carrier Pro Dialog Plus display panel control system has many fault tracing aid functions. The Alarm menu on the main interface displays up to five fault codes that are active.
Here are some alarm codes and their descriptions:
  • 6: Condenser leaving fluid thermistor failure
  • 7: Outdoor temperature sensor fault
  • 8: CHWS (master/slave) fluid thermistor fault
  • 9: Compressor A1, discharge gas sensor
  • P14: Low water flow
You can find a complete description of each alarm code and its possible cause in the Carrier Pro-Dialog Plus 30GK Series Manual.
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